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Our Seattle appellate attorneys handle civil appeals on your behalf

Whether you are seeking to appeal an unfavorable decision or defending a hard-fought victory, the dedicated Seattle appellate attorneys at Smith McBroom bring a wealth of experience and a track record of success to ensure that your case is skillfully presented before appellate courts. At our firm, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, diligence, and the pursuit of justice through the appellate process. Our team of seasoned attorneys specializes in helping you through the challenges of appellate law, and are committed to delivering unparalleled representation at the appellate level.

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What is an appeal?

A court order or verdict handed down in your case at the trial court is not necessarily the final outcome. It is not uncommon for a trial court to have made errors in its interpretation of the law. If this has happened, you can appeal the lower court's decision to higher courts. Our team of personal injury attorneys has an established track record of successfully presenting arguments that have persuaded judges to issue numerous positive decisions for our clients at both federal and state appellate courts. Remember, you typically have only 30 days from the entry of a final order for your case to file an appeal.

How do your Seattle appellate attorneys help my case?

Our Seattle appellate attorneys play an important role in strengthening and presenting your case before higher courts. We have years of experience in appellate law, and our primary objectives are to identify legal errors, present persuasive arguments, and advocate for a favorable outcome. Here's how our appellate attorneys can specifically help your case:

  • Legal analysis and research. Appellate attorneys conduct in-depth legal research to identify relevant case law, statutes, and legal principles that may support your appeal. We analyze the lower court's decision to pinpoint potential errors or issues that could form the basis of an appeal.
  • Strategic planning. Crafting a compelling appellate argument requires strategic planning. Our appellate attorneys work closely with you to develop a persuasive legal strategy that addresses the specific issues raised in your case. We carefully review the trial record and transcripts to select the best evidence and issues for appeal, and to build a strong foundation for the appeal.
  • Brief writing. Appellate briefs are comprehensive legal documents that present the appellant's arguments to the higher court. Our attorneys excel in the art of persuasive writing, distilling complex legal concepts into clear and compelling briefs that effectively communicate your position to the appellate judges.
  • Oral advocacy. Oral arguments are also allowed before the appellate court. Our attorneys are skilled advocates who can present your case persuasively in oral arguments, addressing any questions or concerns the judges may have and further reinforcing the written arguments.
  • Appellate procedural knowledge. Navigating the appellate process requires a deep understanding of procedural rules unique to appellate courts. Our attorneys are well-versed in these procedures, ensuring that all necessary documents are filed within deadlines and that the case proceeds smoothly through the appellate system.
  • Perspective and objectivity. Smith McBroom’s Seattle appellate attorneys bring a fresh perspective to your case. We approach it with objectivity, examining the legal issues independently of the emotions or dynamics that may have influenced the lower court's decision. This impartial viewpoint is valuable in constructing a compelling appeal.
  • Experience with appellate courts. Our appellate attorneys have experience appearing before appellate courts as well as behind the scenes with experience as court clerks, and understanding the nuances of how these courts operate. This experience is invaluable in anticipating the expectations of the appellate judges and tailoring arguments accordingly.

By enlisting the support of our Seattle appellate attorneys, you benefit from their knowledge and skills, increasing the likelihood of a favorable outcome in your appeal. We are dedicated to the meticulous preparation and presentation of your case, ensuring that your legal rights are vigorously defended throughout the appellate process.

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What is a court of appeals?

A Court of Appeals, also referred to as an appellate court or appeals court, is a higher judicial entity that reviews decisions rendered by trial courts. Its principal role lies in considering appeals filed by parties dissatisfied with outcomes determined at the trial court level. In contrast to trial courts, which are primarily concerned with establishing facts and applying the law, appellate courts focus on scrutinizing legal issues, procedural matters, and potential errors that may have transpired during lower court proceedings.

The Court of Appeals has the authority to reevaluate and reconsider decisions made by lower courts. The appellate court does not conduct new trials or hear additional evidence; instead, it assesses legal arguments and reviews records from the lower court to determine whether errors occurred in the legal process.

About the Supreme Court

Legal appeals need not end after the first appeal. If a party is unsatisfied with the outcome of their case in both the conventional court, and the first court of appeals, they have the potential to take their appeal to higher courts. The Supreme Court sits at the pinnacle of all the courts. This Court exists both at the federal and state level and serves as the final and highest venue for the appeals process. The decisions handed down in these courts are final and, in some cases, can result in current laws and statutes being changed or struck down.

Smith McBroom’s team of appellate attorneys knows the appeals process involving the Supreme Court inside and out, and will vigorously fight to achieve your desired outcome. Our Seattle appellate attorneys are skilled in the art of making the truth prevail and have a proven track record of earning favorable rulings for our clients.

Do you have a Seattle appellate attorney near me?

Smith McBroom is located at 16400 Southcenter Parkway, Suite #210, Seattle, Washington, 98188. We’re right off I-5 and I-405 near Southcenter Mall. There is a bus stop near our office, and we offer free on-site parking.

Seattle-area appellate lawyers helping you assert your rights after a trial

Are you seeking justice beyond the trial court's decision? The seasoned Seattle appellate attorneys at Smith McBroom are ready to champion your cause and navigate the complexities of the appeals process. With a commitment to meticulous research, persuasive advocacy, and a track record of success, we are prepared to take on your case. Your pursuit of a favorable outcome deserves the experience and skill of our appellate team. To schedule a consultation today, call our offices or fill out our contact form.