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Electric scooters (e-scooters) are popular with folks of all ages, but they pose serious risks. From exploding batteries to car accidents to falls from machines moving at 40mph, the chances of a catastrophic injury are high. At Smith McBroom, our Seattle e-scooter lawyers help individuals and families seek compensation for their losses. Contact us today to learn more.

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How dangerous are e-scooters?

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), as the use of e-scooters, e-bikes, and hoverboards (AKA, micromobility devices) has increased, admissions to hospital emergency departments have also increased. A 2022 CPSC report found that e-scooter injuries increased by 22% between 2011 and 2021.

Why do e-scooter accidents happen in Seattle?

Some causes of E-scooter accidents in Seattle include:

  • E-scooters that are defective. Manufacturers of E-scooters can be held liable if the e-scooters are defective due to defective designs, faulty workmanship, failures to warn of possible or known dangers, and faulty instructions. Dangerous defects include batteries that don’t work, brake malfunctions, electrical failures, and throttle malfunctions. Other defects include batteries that burst into flames, defective software, handlebars that fold improperly, defective tires, and other defective E-scooter parts.
  • Negligent car drivers. E-scooters can be driven in Seattle on some lower-speed roads. That doesn’t stop drivers from driving too close to an E-scooter or trying to pass an E-scooter when it’s unsafe. Car drivers are responsible for car accidents with E-scooters if the car driver speeds, drives while distracted, drives while intoxicated, tailgates, or commits other traffic violations. Negligent motorcycle, truck, and Uber and Lyft drivers are also liable for negligent driving.
  • Negligent scooter operators. The operators of E-scooters must follow the same traffic rules as car drivers. Operators can be liable if they cause injuries to pedestrians or the occupants of cars or other vehicles – if the E-scooter operator fails to follow the Washington traffic laws, takes improper shortcuts, or injures someone while riding on the sidewalk.
  • Dooring accidents. E-scooter riders may crash into a car door if the driver of a parked car opens the door without looking to see if an e-scooter rider is nearby.

Our Seattle E-scooter lawyers work with you, witnesses, investigators, the police, and through the discovery process to show how your accident happened, and who is responsible.

What types of injuries do e-scooter accident victims suffer?

At Smith McBroom, we represent e-scooter victims who suffer any type of injury including:

E-scooters and defective batteries

A leading cause of injury from e-scooters is the battery. A defective battery can overheat, catch fire, or explode. From the National Fire Protection Association:

Most e-bikes and e-scooters are powered by lithium-ion batteries. This is the same type of battery that powers many of today’s electric vehicles, cell phones, laptops, and power tools. When lithium-ion batteries are damaged, they can overheat, catch on fire, and even lead to explosions. When fires occur, they also tend to burn very hot and can be difficult for firefighters to extinguish.

E-bike and e-scooter battery fires have also been associated with faulty charging equipment, improper charging practices, and overloaded electrical circuits.

The greatest risk of an e-scooter fire may not even be burn injuries, as most of these fires start while the devices are charging. A home fire may be the greatest risk, which means whole families can suffer injuries from flames, smoke and ash inhalation, chemical exposure (released from burning plastic or insulation), and more. Fatalities are also possible.

Riders may also sustain severe injury if the battery explodes. The flying shrapnel can cause permanent scarring and disfiguring injuries. If the explosion occurs while the e-scooter is in use, a rider can be thrown to the ground or into traffic.

What types of e-scooter claims do you file in Seattle?

At Smith McBroom, we file different types of e-scooter accident claims including:

  • Personal injury claims against negligent drivers. The employers of negligent drivers and the owners of the cars that negligent drivers operate may also be liable.
  • Person injury claims against rental companies. Many e-scooter riders rent their vehicles from rental companies for short-term use. These companies may be liable if they fail to maintain and repair their e-scooters, provide any necessary safety equipment, provide instructions on usage, or make the e-scooters available at unreasonable times, such as after dark.
  • Product liability claims against manufacturers and sellers. Many e-scooter owners buy their vehicles online or through local retail stores. The makers and sellers of e-scooters may be strictly liable if their e-scooter malfunctions and the malfunction causes injuries. Manufacturers and sellers may also be liable if they sell an e-scooter that is subject to a CPSC recall or any other type of

We also represent families when a loved one dies in an e-scooter accident in Seattle. We file wrongful death claims on behalf of the surviving family members.

Are there Washington laws that regulate e-scooters?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) doesn’t regulate stand-up scooters as motor vehicles. The CPSC doesn’t have e-scooter traffic rules.

According to, “In Washington, a 'Motorized foot scooter' is defined as a device with two wheels of ten inches or smaller in diameter, with handlebars, designed for the operator to stand upon, and powered by an electric or internal combustion engine, capable of speeds up to 20 mph on level ground.”

  • It’s not permissible to ride scooters on sidewalks, nor on fully controlled limited access highways.
  • Scooters must have reflectors for nighttime riding.
  • Local governments have the authority to regulate e-scooter operations.

Seattle does have guidelines for renting and using e-scooters. There are no current regulations.

Do you have a Seattle e-scooter lawyer near me?

At Smith McBroom, our lawyers meet e-scooter accident victims, parents, and families, at our Seattle office at 16400 Southcenter Parkway Suite 210. We conduct consultations by phone and through video conferences. When necessary, we make home and hospital visits. We’ll calmly and clearly guide you through the litigation process.

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Riding an e-scooter should be fun. At Smith McBroom, we hold manufacturers liable for putting their profits ahead of your safety. We hold drivers accountable for failing to respect the right of electronic scooter riders to be on Seattle’s roads. Our Seattle e-scooter injury lawyers demand compensation for every victim’s medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, scarring and disfigurement, loss of bodily function, and other damages. To schedule a free consultation with a Seattle electronic scooter lawyer, call us or complete our contact form. We handle e-scooter claims on a contingency fee basis.