Seattle Attorney Rebecca Singer

Rebecca Singer

Trial Attorney

Rebecca is a powerful advocate for her clients, especially those who are injured and/or vulnerable. Rebecca has represented clients in a variety of matters and is dedicated to seeing the case through to the end. She started her legal career in family law where she worked on many complex cases with high emotions. Rebecca’s practice focuses on a broad range of civil litigation including personal injury, medical malpractice, probate, and wrongful death matters.

Before law school, Rebecca was a union steward who represented workers and defended their rights. During law school, Rebecca worked for a personal injury firm that specialized in plaintiff’s work. At this firm, Rebecca worked on obtaining restitution and money damages for victims of child pornography as well as civil cases against people charged with possession, distribution, and receipt of child sexual abuse material. Rebecca also got firsthand experience with medical malpractice, employment, and maritime cases.

Rebecca lives in Seattle and spends her free time hiking, cross country skiing, kayaking, yoga, meditating, and painting.

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